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Highways and Byways (H & B) is a part of House of Prayer Ministries, Free Church of Sullivan County, PA and was birthed out of our old radio program “House of Prayer Radio” which aired on stations covering portions of North Central and North Eastern Pennsylvania and Central upstate New York.

We moved from radio to CD production in order to allow the program to be expanded and targeted for a specific people group (Drivers and others who travel for a living.)

And it made perfectly good sense too... I had made a career change just a couple of years earlier and I found myself driving truck for a living.The result was “Highways and Byways; the Christian CD Audio Magazine.”

The approach to getting this out to folks was simple enough...If the Lord was behind this, He would connect us with like minded people who would believe in this outreach and together, we would give away as many of these CD’s as we were able.

There is no charge, we make no great pleas for financial support. The invitation to come along side of us in support goes pretty much like this...
If you hear the Lord speaking to your heart to help, then do as the Lord is telling you...
and rejoice that you find yourself within earshot of the Master’s voice.

Prayer support is vital and if you are an intercessor, please contact us and let us know that you are praying for us...we can let you know what the current concerns are and you can pray accordingly.

Below, you will see the words “Current Needs” If you have an interest, click on these words and you will be taken to a page where you can view a list of prayer requests, volunteer personnel and a list of the items that we use or need to produce H & B.

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